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smoke. and then the passenger near me started having an asthma attack. >> reporter: after being stuck in the tunnel for an hour, the train operator released the brake and drove the train to the rockridge station. >> whoo! >> reporter: a lot of passengers were relieved to get off. paramedics took nine people to the hospital and treated tro others at the scene. -- two others at the scene. this is the passenger with the asthma attack and this is the woman you saw in the cell phone video. firefighters say they will be okay. but many passengers say it was a rough experience. >> i think bart has a lot of work to do. >> reporter: a tough year for bart and for its passengers. two strikes, two workers killed. more on that coming up at 6:00. in the meantime, things are back to normal for the bart system. no reported delays for the evening commute. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> the mess left hundreds more
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bart riders stranded in orinda. they had to get off their own train and wait in the parking lot while bart sorted everything out. some even tried to hitch rides from passing cars. >> right now, temperatures are dropping across the bay area and a freeze warning is in effect for tonight. schoolkids outside for lunch bundled up with their hats and warm jackets. it wasn't much different as people ran errands, scarves, boots, coats, dressing in layers. earlier this morning we found icy windshields and bart passengers who were embracing the cold front. >> what do you think of the cold weather? >> oh, we love it. we love the change in seasons. >> reporter: you love it? you don't, like, you love it. [ laughter ] >> 35 degrees this morning, though. we like putting on a warm jacket. we love it here. >> sure enough, it was a chilly 35 degrees outside just before 7:00 this morning. we sent our mobile weather lab around the bay area to monitor those temperatures in some different cities. it was just below 50 degrees in the berkeley shores this afternoon. it wasn't much warmer
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overlooking the bay from the oakland hills. it was a clear sunny day but a chilly 51 degrees. and in hayward, temperatures stayed at 50 degrees as the christmas tree lot geared up for the season. what's the mobile weather lab registering now? our chief meteorologist paul deanno is out in the elements in castro valley. paul. >> reporter: liz, allen, it is certainly chilly. it was the coldest afternoon in the bay area on average since 5 days before valentine's day in early february. mobile weather lab in castro valley it is 46.8. it's already dropped three degrees in the past 20 minutes. when the sun goes down, temperatures drop like a rock. let's establish how warm or not we got today. san jose a high of 52. concord 51. napa 53. livermore only 51. setting the stage for a widespread freeze tonight, most of the bay area is under that freeze warning. the only exception is the city of san francisco. widespread lows in the mid-20s to the low 30s so watch out. protect plants if you can and
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make sure the pets come inside. these are some of your overnight lows. santa rosa tonight 24. tomorrow morning in livermore 25. concord 27. redwood city 30. so a widespread freeze is coming up. we sent len ramirez to gilroy today to talk about how the farmers are going to deal with this very hard freeze. reporter: paul, it's going to be a very long night for growers here in southern santa clara county and all over the bay area, for that matter. there are a lot of crops in the ground right now but there have been preparations under way all day to save the sensitive plants. >> excuse me. >> reporter: with just hours to go before the coming frost -- >> yeah, they can die. >> reporter: lena and her workers are giving these young orange trees a potentially life- saving white winter blanket. >> the big trees don't get damaged as easy as the tiny ones but the small ones we really have to protect them. >> reporter: they run an
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avocado and citrus farm on the outskirts of gilroy, some trees worth $10,000 apiece. workers already moved avocado trees into greenhouses and for the rest of the day they pulled the covers up rows of small trees to provide a warm sunny environment inside. >> this is the most economical way for us to protect our trees. >> reporter: another citrus grower in san jose with trees too big to cover will just have to sweat out tonight's freeze warning which takes effect at 9 p.m. and runs through 9 a.m. thursday. >> we get it on there, let it dry but then you also need to cover your plants. >> reporter: but it's not just the big growers who are worried. gardeners throughout the bay area are coming to the local nurseries for frost protection products. wendy snatched up the last of the plant covers in this store in morgan hill. by noon today they were sold out. >> i just planted everything. and so this is actually my first round of gardening so i was told to go out and protect it. >> reporter: the garden center moved sensitive expensive
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tropical plants to shelter. >> part of nursery, you know, and part of gardening. you just have to be careful and protect your plants. >> reporter: one of the biggest concerns that growers have is how long will this frost last? one or two nights won't be so much of a problem. but if it goes longer than that, there could be crop losses. live in gilroy, len ramirez, kpix 5. now, remember, you can pinpoint just how cold it gets in your specific neighborhood. log on to, click on the weather tab. even southern california saw temperatures in the low 40s today. a wind advisory and freeze warning are in effect until friday throughout the antelope valley. the sun was still shining but the cold snap called for lots of layers. >> hanging in there. yeah. all bundled up. this is to me more ohio weather right now that i was trying to get away from. but as long as they got starbucks around to keep my warm, i'm good to go. >> in just a few hours temperatures are expected to drop to the low 30s in some
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areas. and the cold front brought a nasty storm to most of the midwest. more than a foot of snow hit parts of minnesota. people bundled up to scrape the ice off their windshields. and in colorado, snowplows hit the road in full force. two feet of snow fell in the rockies. the winter weather is also to blame for hundreds of car accidents and six deaths. some new video shows the extreme conditions crews are up against in the search for a missing san jose pilot and his family. five planes from the civil air patrol and two idaho national guard helicopters have been scouring this snowy mountainous area of valley county idaho. they are using forward-looking infrared radar to detect any warmer ground temperatures and spot anomalies. they are searching for clues to lead them to 51-year-old dale smith of san jose and his four family members and that single- engine plane that developed
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engine trouble. >> so intelligent, he could get out of the situation. >> a faint emergency transmitter signal was detected in that area yesterday but as you can see, pretty difficult to pinpoint because of the steep rugged terrain and the weather. a number of search personnel is growing each day with more than 60 people joining that effort today. checking bay area headlines, protestors demand air quality managers consider the public's needs as it considers expansion plans for bay area refineries. a hearing this morning drew opponents to projects that include transporting crude oil by railcar. supporters say the projects will mean jobs, more hearings are scheduled. the beach chalet soccer field in golden gate park will get their makeover. a superior court judge ruled in favor of the renovation. environmentalists sued over plans to install artificial turf but their arguments were rejected. the $14 million project will take two years to complete. and san jose firefighters are looking for the person
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whose mobile home was destroyed in an overnight fire. flames broke out at about 2 a.m. in the mobile home park on monterey road and quickly burned through the structure. the owner wasn't home. you don't have a home security camera? the pictures get better than this. >> not just buyers beware but sellers too. a seasonal reminder about wheeling and dealing online. >> and helping you sort through california's healthcare coverage. experts are taking your calls about "covered california." our phone lines are open now, 888-5-helps-u. ,,
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camera but two.. rummanging camera but two.. rummanging through a home in fremont. he broke int the brazen burglar was caught clearly on not one camera but two rummaging through a home in fremont. he broke into the house on eggers drive sometime on saturday and stole nearly $2,000 worth of stuff.
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a pair of home security cameras catching him in the act. the pictures are clear. fremont police hope somebody recognizes the guy and calls him. you can take another look at the video on our website, click on "news." [ screaming ] milpitas police want to know who that woman is and whether she is okay. she was trying to get on this ac transit bus on calaveras boulevard. it was about 6 p.m. last night when that man pulled her away. the bus driver called 911. but police didn't find the two. it's unclear whether they know each other. police hope somebody recognizes them from this video and can fill them in. prosecutors are calling him a christmastime predator. today the man accused of killing the online certainly of a videogame console faced a judge. ryan takeo on the case that prompted warnings about the dangers of online deals. reporter: 21-year-old ronnie collins picturessed in orange faced a judge for the first time today.
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police say he shot and killed another man last sunday in san francisco's bayview district. prosecutors say collins was supposed to buy a playstation 4 console. >> and after that he reached in his coat as if he was going to get money. and instead pulled out the gun and stuck it through the window. >> reporter: assistant d.a. scott clark says the victim then offered to give collins the ps4. >> you know, he came in, you can have the playstation. this isn't worth it. something to that effect. and the defendant said, n ah, point the gun back down and shot him four times. >> reporter: clark says the suspect found the ps4 on the social media site instagram. police and the d.a. expect there will be plenty of these types of sales during the season. >> when people approach to you buy it due do diligence. get basic information about them. there's nothing wrong with asking for identification even
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beforehand. >> meet in a public place. >> reporter: san francisco police offered station lobbies for meeting places. >> i can't think of a safer place than the san francisco police station. our stations are open 24/7 and people can come in. they are more than welcome to do their transactions in our lobby. >> reporter: a judge set the suspect's bond at $5 million. he is expected to face a murder charge, two robbery charges on monday. in san francisco ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> police say it was pretty easy to catch collins. he used his real name and picture on his instagram account. its popularity still growing but so is the opposition. why a second bay area city is trying to snuff out the ecigarettes. >> and a discovery that stunned rescue divers. what they found that didn't seem possible in the wreck of a sunken tugboat. ,,
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[ female announcer ] for those who love sweets
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your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples for homemade. you need safeway sugar for just a buck eighty-eight. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another only two ninety-nine for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life. some bay area cities aren't buying the claims of e-cigarettes. kpix 5's repor john ramos says another one they are pitched as a healthy alternative to cigarettes but some bay area cities aren't buying the claims of ecigarettes. kpix 5's john ramos says another one wants to ban them. reporter: in the city of richmond it's illegal to smoke
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cigarettes in public places indoor or out or anywhere just about where there will be second smoke. that didn't include ecigarettes that deliver nicotine in a heated vapor form. >> the city of richmond has been a leader in trying to protect people from secondhand smoke and. ecigarette smoke is dangerous. not as bad as secondhand smoke but still bad. >> reporter: tuesday night they voted unanimously to add ecigarettes to the smoking restrictions but those who like the product say hold on. at this shop in concord the owner's son said he used to smoke tobacco but quit by using what they prefer to call a smoke pen. the device heats up a flavored liquid that contains nicotine in various concentrations. >> nine months ago i started at a high nicotine level which was about 18 milligrams. now i'm down to 0. so all i'm doing really is just flavor. >> reporter: the people who actually manufacture the pens sold here say it's not fair to associate their product with tobacco smoke. >> first of all, there is no
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smoke. it's just heating up propylene glycol food grade and pharmaceutical grade nicotine. when they react to the heat it turns into water vapor when exhaled. >> reporter: ecigarettes have exploded in popularity. he says he doesn't even sell much tobacco anymore. you would think that would be cause for celebration but the fda which is not regulating the product says it has not been fully studied. despite the uncertainty cal researchers at last night's meeting convinced the council to adopt the ban. >> the scientists from uc- berkeley who testified last night said there are significant detectable amounts of substances which they know get inside people from having studied it and that's enough for me. >> reporter: those embracing this alternative to tobacco might need more convincing. in concord, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the ban gets another reading next month before it will take effect. president obama is pitching young people to sign up for healthcare coverage. he was doing that today during
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the white house youth summit. he asked the attendees to enroll and get their friends to sign up, too. he says coverage will cosmos young adults less than $100 per month. people have less than three weeks to sign up for coverage that would begin on january 1. the deadline also approaching to sign up for health coverage through "covered california." julie watts live in our consumerwatch call center with the experts who are standing by to answer your questions on the phone tonight. julie. >> reporter: that's right. they have been answering calls since about 11 a.m. and if you have any questions regarding health insurance on the new state exchange, give us a call right now. 888-5-helps-u. you can also head to the website, or ask us on facebook. now, i am here with maybe the expert on healthcare, and that is peter lee, the head of the "covered california" healthcare exchange. thanks so much for being here today. >> great to be with you. >> reporter: not all the questions are easy. a lot of people saying, this is supposed to be the affordable
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care act. yet my insurance premiums are going up. the cutoff for subsidies $45,000 for a single individual. it's hard to make ends meet here in the bay area for $45,000. what's your answer to that? >> first, up to $45,000 upon an individual $92,000 for a family of four. with those rules over 4 million californians are going to get a financial leg up to make healthcare afford afternoon. the others can now choose. they can choose their plan and never be denied by a health insurance company because of pre-existing conditions. and they can call and find out more at kpix 5. >> reporter: a lot of the plans they are choosing are more expensive. they are losing their current coverage and when they go on the exchange they have to pay more. what can be done to help keep healthcare affordable for those who don't qualify for subsidies? >> one, many people whose rates are going up it's because they are getting better plans getting something that will be there when they need it. for others, though, rates are going up because of the rules. draws the cutoff lives at 400% of poverty. congress should look at this. this is back to we need to have congress looking how to improve and make this law better rather than fighting about repeal which has been a lot of the
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fights over the last couple of years. >> reporter: to find out more go to our website, we have a bunch of events where people will be there in person to answer your questions and we'll talk more about that coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. batkid is being honored by a san francisco recreation and parks department. the train which is usually used as a centerpiece for this annual holiday tree lighting ceremony is now the batkid express. it has an image of the five- year-old batkid miles scott. and it's loaded with presents and painted with characters. the train is located near golden gate park mclaren lodge. we put paul deanno on the polar express. he is in castro valley where temperatures are going to drop like a rock. >> it's already dropping. those degrees are just running away. we can't keep them. 15 minutes ago we were live in castro valley 47 degrees now down to 46 and real telling is the humidity only 30%. drier air can cool off quicker and it's going to get cold
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tonight. we are live in castro valley at the golden t golf land and we wondered would anybody be playing miniature golf? no. we saw some folks here around 4:00. as soon as that sun went down, the place went empty. it will be open until 10 p.m. but i doubt we'll find many folks thinking golf on a cold night like this. current temperatures outside look at fairfield already down to 39 degrees. napa at 40. now contrast that with oakland keeping that heat more efficiently at 55 degrees right now. everywhere but the city of san francisco is under a freeze warning tonight. mid-20s the low 30s. make sure the pets come inside to sleep and if you can protect that tender vegetation even if they are in pots bring them into the garage. think about doing that ton. these are specific overnight lows. mountain view will be below freezing, 31. north bay widespread 20s. some of you may get to the upper teens toward ukiah. fremont tonight 29. walnut creek 26. here's the setup in the atmosphere. big ridge of high pressure off to the west because that's just
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feeding down that arctic air. that's not going to change for the next several days. what will change as we move forward in time is an area of low pressure that's going to hop aboard the jet stream and head toward us giving us chance of showers friday night saturday morning so cold air, showers, yeah, you guessed it, snow level dropping to 1,000 feet for a time. saturday morning it will still be 2500 feet. so when the skies clear saturday afternoon, do not be surprised mount diablo, mount tam, mount hamilton, mount st. helena snowfall in the higher elevations. temperatures tonight even colder than this morning. it was chilly. the chill will continue on thursday. it will not be as cold on friday but that's when the clouds and showers move in. it will still be brisk. these are your highs tomorrow. temperatures running about 10 degrees below average for this time of year. san jose you will hit a high of 51. sunnyvale 50. fremont 50. walnut creek another day in the
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upper 40s. pleasanton 48. fairfield 48 degrees. kentfield 49. berkeley will hit 50 tomorrow. daly city 50. and far up to the northlake county, lakeport, only a high of 48. here's your extended forecast. we are staying chilly with that chance of showers friday evening. look at the highs over the weekend. do some christmas shopping indoors highs only 50. we'll moderate a bit get out of this cold stuff by the middle of next week where we finally will see highs back to the 60s. who would have thought a few days ago we would be talking about highs getting back to the 60s because we going to be cold through the weekend. live from castro valley, paul deanno, back to you >> thank you. a rare event among multiple births. we are going to tell you what makes these little cuties a little extra special. ,,
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the odds... they recently welcomed identical triplets! meet abby, laurel and brin. they're ten days old weigh about 3 a sacramento couple is defying the odds. they recently welcomed identical trip let's. meet abby, laurel and brin. 10 days old. they only weigh 3 pounds each. the parents are already trying
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to tell the girls apart. multiples don't run in either family and they did not use fertility treatments. >> when we first found out we just kind of laughed in that nervous way. >> it's one in a million to one in 200 million for odds. when a tugboat capsized off africa, no one expected to find survivors especially nearl three days later. >> there he was. the ship's cook waiting patiently in a small air pocket nearly 100 feet down. the video just surfaced of the amazing rescue back in june. the 29-year-old survivor spent two days in a decompression chamber and then went home. marine experts are scrambling to save a wayward pod of pilot whales trapped in
5:26 pm
florida's everglades national park. six have already died. four more are dying. the rest are stranded in water a few feet deep. wildlife workers are trying to coax them back to the open sea but it doesn't look good. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley is in new york. scott. >> hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. more than 40 million americans are facing severe weather this evening. we are going to have a look at where it's hitting, where it's going and what it may do to california crops. all of that tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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after the construction boom sett i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, after the construction boom settles down, what will it all look like? tonight, a bird's-eye peek into the future of san francisco. >> and how today's bart mishap could not have come at a worse time for the agency. we'll take a look at the stories and much, much more tonight at 6:00. allen? >> all right, ken. we'll see you then. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news" is next. remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, see you at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado c m
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>> pelley: tonight, calm in a crisis. just released 911 tapes give us new insight into the sandy hook elementary shootings. they reveal ordinary people and their disciplined action to protect children. more than 40 million americans face severe winter weather. we'll look at where it's hitting and where it's going. a cbs news investigation exposes lethalrend in recreational drugs. holly williams on a threat most of just never heard of. >> it's too risky. it's literally playing russian roulette. >> pelley: and the light's fantastic. ben tracy shows us the aurora borealis as we've never seen it before. >> it's so powerful it's beyond your imagination. imagination. captioning sponsored by cbs

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